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2016/17 season commenced 1st September 2016 



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No Roster


Restrictions in place

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Restrictions may occur

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Full irrigation allowed




“To deliver a strong, affordable scheme exhibiting social and environmental responsibility in a facilitative and open manner.”

  • Incorporated in 1990
  • Registered LLC with a restrictive purpose: establishment, management and operation of an irrigation scheme
  • Co-operative culture
  • Owned by our shareholders and integrated into their value chain, currently 93 shareholders with 11,824 shares issued.
  • Cost recovery business model
  • Governance – 6 board members
  • Staff of 7
  • Opened in October 2006 with 31,000 hectare command area and deliver to approximately 13,500 ha of rolling Downlands
  • $75.3 million in scheme investment with share capital of $24.1 million, installed over 95 km of pipes in the ground and 11 pump stations
  • 1 share irrigates about 1.3 ha on average