North Otago Irrigation Company Ltd is committed to promoting continuous improvement in environmental stewardship and leading changes in farming practice to improve environmental outcomes associated with high-productivity, irrigated farming.


We will strive to protect the environment through influence and education, and enforcement where necessary to protect the interests of the company and all Shareholders. We will endeavor to improve the understanding and application of irrigation through a focus on good management practice, the implementation of Farm Environment Plans and the efficient management of the NOIC scheme infrastructure.


We expect that North Otago Irrigation Company farms, and the land surrounding these, will meet, if not exceed, the environmental standards expected by the community and regulated by the government and councils.


We will:

  • Exhibit environmental leadership
  • Invest appropriately to deliver an environmental service programme that produces positive environmental outcomes, in particular:
    - Reducing nutrients, sediment, and other discharges to waterways and, where applicable, the air; and
    - Maintaining and enhancing biodiversity values
  • Continually improve the Company’s tools, procedures and systems and keep actively informed of applicable science to ensure the success of our environmental programme
  • Integrate environmental considerations into any new irrigation development through our site approval and system commissioning process
  • Maintain a highly effective Farm Environment Plan process and work positively with farmers to achieve the pass thresholds of the NOIC FEP at the time of a scheduled audit and at any time in between
  • Be compliant with all national and regional policy rules and any specific resource consent conditions
  • Monitor the environment and take appropriate action whenever environmental breaches occur
  • Promote our Primary Non-negotiable Environmental Standards: -

    NOIC must comply with all conditions of its ORC Consent and will act in the interests of all shareholders. Therefore:

    - We CAN NOT accept the degradation of waterways – so farms must comply with stock exclusion guidelines and avoid irrigation run-off
    - We CAN NOT accept over-irrigation – so farms must apply Deficit Irrigation Practices on farm 

  • Develop and maintain positive, collaborative working relationships with key stakeholders operating environmental programmes, including Regional and District councils, Te Rūnanga o Moeraki, NOSLAM, WIC, industry, irrigation companies and other external groups
  • Understand, uphold, and respect cultural heritage and values in relation to water and the natural environment


NOIC employees will, individually and collectively, uphold the intent and spirit of this Policy. All employees are encouraged to become actively involved in assisting the Company achieve the status of environmental leadership.