NOIC Annual Report
NOIC Annual Report
NOIC Annual Report
NOIC Annual Report


NOIC Water Supply Agreement




Your Admin, Shareholders Charges, Operations Update, Environmental Update
July 2021
Operations Update, Environmental Update, 2021/2022 Shareholders Charges
March 2021
General News, Water Use and Supply Charges, Environmental Update, NOIC Scholarship
December 2020
Your Admin, Shareholders Charges, Operations Update, Environmental Update
August 2020
Key strategic statements, Easements notice, Rebate of Charges
March 2020
Summer Reminders from the Operations Team, Introducing Emily Anderson - Environmental Manager
December 2019
Offer of Shares, Plan Change 6A Limits Delayed, Operations Update
September 2019
Charges for 2019-20, Water use and charges for the past season, Fixed Term Position available
June 2019
Farewell from Robyn, Introducing Andrew Rodwell - new CEO
May 2019
Dairy NZ Workshop on new ORC rules, Meter Readings
February 2019
Holiday Hours, Effluent management in the wet
December 2018
Irrigation Season 2018-2019, ORC Presentation
September 2018
Annual Charges, Goodbye to posted invoices
July 2018
Transpower Outage, Hydrotesting, Enviro Update
April 2018
Season Review, Response Time, Shares for Sale
March 2018
Holiday Hours, Shareholder Templates, Readings
December 2017
AGM Results, Stock Water v Irrigation Water
November 2017
Annual General Meeting, Expansion Start-up
September 2017
Share Transfers, Know Your Company Evening
August 2017
Annual charges, Enviro Awards, Maintenance
June 2017
Shareholder Meeting, Check Valves
May 2017
Enviro Strategy, EFPs, Rural Governance
April 2017
Water delivery volumes, On-farm H&S, NOSLaM
March 2017
Estuary study, Scheme Forum Dates, Honours
February 2017
Stock Water Policy, Meter Readings
December 2016
AGM, Rostering, Protecting Your Infrastructure
November 2016
Checking Your Irrigation Systems, Water Quality
October 2016
New Manager Training, AGM, Scholarship
September 2016
Upcoming Meetings, Environmental Farm Plans
August 2016
Annual Charges, Environmental Awards
July 2016
Enviro Awards, Works Over Policy, H&S
June 2016
Staffing Update, Soil Moisture
May 2016