Each year NOIC awards a $1000 scholarship to a student who is extending their studies with an emphasis on Sustainability, Environmental Science, Environmental Management or areas of Engineering and Science leading to roles with the potential to create better Environmental outcomes for New Zealand.


The scholarship is open to any Year 12 or Year 13 student studying at one of the North Otago High Schools, or any student boarding or studying out of the North Otago area whose immediate family live and work in the North Otago region - see application for full details.


Applications should be returned to the NOIC office no later than Wednesday 29 September 2021.


The winner is announced at the NOIC Annual General Meeting usually held in October.


Further information may be found within the application form or by contacting the NOIC office (03) 433 1201.



To apply for this scholarship please print and complete the form below and return to us.


The scholarship was established to promote environmental management and stewardship among young people. Read more: