Board of Directors (from left to right) - John Wright, Grant Isbister, Callum Kingan, Geoff Plunket, Matt Ross (Chair), Paul Hope and Gareth Isbister




Andrew Rodwell - Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Rodwell - Chief Executive Officer

Andrew joined NOIC in May 2019, bringing an extensive commercial and international background, that includes significant experience in the primary sector through roles with Genestock (accelerated breeding of cashmere and angora goats), Fruitfed Export (kiwifruit exporting) and as CEO of Arborgen (NZ’s largest forestry biotech company). These were interspersed with seven years in California, initially as New Zealand’s Trade Commissioner in Los Angeles (with a focus on food and agritech), then as Executive Vice President for a US subsidiary of Telecom NZ and subsequent CEO roles in high-tech engineering and manufacturing. 

Andrew is an advocate for the primary sector and for the environment. “The value of irrigation water cannot be underestimated, nor can the responsibility of those who distribute and use it. Water has the capacity to transform farming, lift productivity, provide land use options not otherwise possible, bring regional economic growth, jobs and opportunities. It is incumbent on us all to maximise the efficiency of our schemes, with equal emphasis on environmental sustainability. Success in both is NOIC’s objective.”

Stephen Craig-Pearson - Commercial Manager

Stephen Craig-Pearson - Commercial Manager

Stephen started his career in banking and has worked overseas in project finance for several international banks, as well as serving a variety of industries within the corporate banking sector here in NZ. Ten years ago Stephen moved into chartered accounting, which led him into business consulting and financial management. For the last seven years Stephen worked for NZ Genomics, a national science infrastructure that served all sectors of NZ science. Stephen is a keen rower and competes in master’s regattas. He works four days a week in Oamaru and one day a week from Dunedin, where he lives with his family.

As Commercial Manager Stephen is responsible for overseeing the financial control of the business and contributing to strategic planning and business development.




The Operations team is responsible for repairs and maintenance to infrastructure and ensuring that the scheme performs to our shareholder's expectations.


Technical Manager

Ben Stratford - Manager of Operations

Ben's profile will be updated shortly

Colin Perkins - Operator Supervisor

Colin Perkins - Operator Supervisor

Colin was born in Dunedin but completed most of his schooling in Oamaru before moving to Australia where he worked in a number of different industries for seven years. He returned to North Otago to raise his family and has held a number of managerial roles in the district.


Colin joined NOIC near the end of the 2016 irrigation season during a time of significant change with the development of the expansion. He has relished the opportunity to be part of the scheme's growth and develop relationships with shareholders and interested parties.

Greg Millin

Greg Millin - Operator

Greg grew up in Oamaru and went to St Kevin’s and then moved into farming in the North Otago region. Deciding to explore the world, he moved to Australia in a farming role, which then lead to working in the mines.


After a few years he moved back to the South Island and returned to the agricultural sector. When the opportunity to work with NOIC arose, Greg was excited about the role and moving back to his home town to settle.

Will Fisher

Will Fisher - Operator

Will grew up on his parent’s farm near Maheno, where he attended a local primary school before moving onto Waitaki Boys High School. After leaving high school he attended Otago University where he studied IT.


After leaving University he decided that working indoors wasn’t his thing and decided to get a job as a worker on a dairy farm, and eventually moved onto managing a dairy support farm. A job came up in 2016 to work for NOIC and he thought it would be a good opportunity to learn something new while still working within the rural sector, which he is passionate about.

Barry Johnston - Operator

Barry Johnston - Operator

Barry was born and raised in Oamaru where he attended Waitaki Boys High School. After leaving school he worked in the building industry for a local firm for around 13 years, after this Barry started in the tyre industry as a trainee tyre technician where he worked his way up to become a store manager. Between the time he was a trainee and store manager he took a break from the tyre industry and spent some time in a manufacturing plant where he worked as a team leader. Barry is interested in fishing, jet boating and is currently restoring a 1978 Chevy Camaro.