North Otago Irrigation Company Ltd (NOIC) is a registered company per the Companies Act 1993 with a restricted purpose of “establishment, management and operation of an irrigation scheme for the North Otago Downlands area and the provision of water for irrigation, stock, domestic, industrial and community use”.


We are located in the Oamaru area of North Otago and are owned by the users of our scheme.  Each share of the Company provides the holder with a right to supply of water, provided the shareholder has also completed a registered Water Supply Agreement with the Company.


Once shares have been purchased, shareholders are required to pay annual charges for water supplied and operational costs of maintenance, operation and administration of the irrigation scheme, as set out by the Board from time to time, and fixed charges for debt servicing associated with capital costs of the irrigation scheme.


The scheme has been designed to deliver, to the farmer’s property, 0.4 litres per second per share at 50m head or approximately 75psi, with 99.9% reliability.


Our mission is to deliver cost-effective, reliable water; be committed to environmental leadership and enable positive social and economic outcomes.